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Edward Baddour, MD

Chief, Emergency Medicine, KP South San Francisco

"Dr. Baddour has brilliantly led our emergency department amidst an increasing daily census with a practical, resourceful, and solution focused approach. His team’s accomplishments in efficiency, quality, and patient care are nothing short of extraordinary. "
- Edward Kao, MD, Physician-in-Chief, KP South San Francisco

Edward Baddour, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine for KP South San Francisco since 2017, served previously as Chief of Education for 10 years and Assistant Chief for 7 years. Since he became chief, emergency department visits increased over 35% within the existing clinical space. With adept management of the complexities inherent in emergency medicine, Dr. Baddour steered his team toward exceptional results, leading the region in throughput and efficiency while ensuring the highest standards of quality care and care experience for KP patients.

Through enhanced hospital-census forecasting and better patient placements, Dr. Baddour reduced lengths of stay in the KP South San Francisco emergency departments to region-leading levels, with three-quarters of hospital admissions occurring in under an hour.

By establishing strong working partnerships, he achieved the fastest regional turnaround times for imaging, laboratory tests, and consultations. This efficiency directly translated into faster diagnoses and treatments for acutely ill patients, markedly improving outcomes. Furthermore, the KP South San Francisco emergency department leads the region in patient care experience scores.

Dr. Baddour excels in fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, resulting in strong retention among emergency medicine physicians and nurses. His emphasis on wellness, teamwork, and professionalism has cultivated a culture of camaraderie, as demonstrated by high wellness ratings from KP South San Francisco emergency department physicians, nurses, and staff.

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