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Christina Bilyeu, MD, FACLP

Chief, Mental Health, KP North Valley

“Dr. Bilyeu is a champion of continuous improvement and enthusiastically embraces learning opportunities for her own leadership development. Her attitudes are simultaneously optimistic and practical in efforts to innovate and transform our care delivery. Her professionalism makes her a trusted and respected leader.”
-Richard Florio, MD, physician-in-chief, KP North Valley
-Roderick Vitangcol, MD, physician-in-chief, KP North Valley

Christina Bilyeu, MD, became the Chief of Mental Health at a crucial time—just as the pandemic began. In the two years since, she’s transformed outpatient services by improving access to physician care, working diligently to engage physicians in meeting patient needs and displaying compassion for the vast array of needs across the department.

Setting high goals for her department, Dr. Bilyeu has embarked on improving the development of programmatic care lanes based on evidence-based practices, addressing physician concerns for partnering with therapists to provide coordinated patient care, and advocating with regional leadership to improve access to care. She has also worked to develop strong psychological and emotional support services in our emergency departments.

Dr. Bilyeu believes that developing people is one of the most important things you can do as a leader. She takes the time to learn about the individuals on her team, incorporates the ideas of team members into problem-solving, and displays enthusiasm for simultaneously meeting patient and provider needs to further the organization and improve patient care. “My vision for the department is for our physicians and staff to be proud of the work they do, to provide them adequate resources to provide excellent care, and for our members to feel confident in their treatment and respected and cared for in every visit.”

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