Michael Lum, MD

Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Access, Finance and Documentation & Coding, KP San Jose

“Dr. Lum imagines what’s possible in achieving the goals of The Permanente Medical Group. Our leadership team has ultimate confidence in his ability to help us optimize patient care across the greater San Jose area.”
—Efren Rosas, MD, physician-in-chief, KP San Jose

Michael Lum, MD, is fascinated by solving puzzles. As a physician leader, he applies his problem-solving skills to help physicians and their teams deliver patient care in more convenient and cost-effective ways.

To take advantage of the exceptional care Kaiser Permanente offers, patients must first be able to visit their doctors. With oversight for care availability, Dr. Lum works with his team of chiefs and analysts to create schedules that allow patients to choose the best appointment times. He would question how things have always been done, identify patterns, and make changes in workflows to improve care delivery. “By looking at the data, shifting or removing steps, and changing who performs which tasks,” he says, “we can do things more efficiently.” The smoother workflows also allow his colleagues to have less chaos and more satisfaction in their daily practice.

Dr. Lum has helped redesign schedules in several departments, including Sleep Medicine, where he integrated the inpatient and outpatient operations, Urology, Head and Neck Surgery, Neurology, Podiatry, and Occupational Medicine.

An ob-gyn by training, Dr. Lum loves seeing patients and feels that combining his work as a physician leader with patient care allows him to have the biggest impact. He finds this professional growth and contribution to patient care very rewarding.