Craig Wargon, DPM

Medical Director, TPMG Technology Group Podiatric Surgery, KP Santa Clara

“Dr. Wargon has been visionary in recognizing how advanced technology can improve the care experience for patients and enhance efficiency for physicians. He is a major contributor to the success of TPMG.”
— Patricia Conolly, MD, TPMG associate executive director

Craig Wargon, DPM, became an early adopter of technology because he enjoyed experimenting with tools that have the potential to transform patient care. This interest blossomed over the years into a full-blown passion—today he finds inspiration in sharing great technologies with colleagues and staff of The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG), and then watching them adopt and embrace them on their own.

As a founding member and now the medical director of the TPMG Technology Group, Dr. Wargon leads a team of talented physicians and engineers, all of whom are committed to his vision.

He co-developed and led the implementation of technologies like TPMG’s eConsult electronic consulting and scheduling app, as well as eChart for online charting, both of which greatly increased efficiency and helped pave the way for our electronic medical record system. He was an early advocate of and physician lead for our Video Appointment Visits initiative, which offers more choice and convenience for many patients. And he created the original physician home pages, now My Doctor Online, which are part of an initiative to further personalize care and illustrate the excellence of TPMG physicians.

In all these roles, Dr. Wargon has led by example, demonstrating the value of the technologies by embracing them in his own practice.