Anthony Steimle, MD, FACC

Cardiology, KP Santa Clara

“Dr. Steimle is an inspirational role model, both within the medical group and beyond. He also is a compassionate, astute clinician—the cardiologist of choice for many of our staff at KP Santa Clara.”
— Susan Smarr, MD, physician-in-chief, KP Santa Clara

If you ask Anthony Steimle, MD, about the key to effective leadership, he will tell you it’s about cultivating great leadership in others. “I try to identify the people within my group who are better equipped than me to solve a challenge, support them, and then get out of their way,” he says.

His strategy works. Not only has he created a culture in which team members feel empowered to contribute ideas and take on leadership roles, but his colleagues also revere him, consistently rating him in surveys as KP Santa Clara’s most respected specialist.

Throughout his 20-plus years at The Permanente Medical Group, Dr. Steimle has demonstrated exceptional leadership in transforming cardiac care throughout Kaiser Permanente.

He has been a major contributor to the development of the KP South Bay interventional cardiology service, a content expert and driving force behind the KP Northern California Congestive Heart Failure program, and one of two clinical leads developing the national Kaiser Permanente Heart Failure guidelines.

Dr. Steimle has been recognized by the medical center’s Professional Staff Association with an Outstanding Teacher Award in 2008 and the Silver Scope Award in 2009. He also was recognized as Chief of the Year in 2011.