Jyotsna Bomdica, MD

Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Greater Southern Alameda Area

“Dr. Bomdica has provided phenomenal leadership to the GSAA. Working closely with colleagues in primary and specialty care, she strengthened collaboration between hospitals and the continuum, resulting in smoother care transitions for patients.”
— Robert Greenberg, MD, physician-in-chief, Greater Southern Alameda Area

Jyotsna Bomdica, MD, has the type of job that allows introverts like her to shine. She leads by thoughtfully observing and listening to others, and then assembling teams of experts who help develop innovative approaches to streamlining patient care.

As assistant physician-in-chief of hospital operations and the continuum, Dr. Bomdica’s role is to make sure patients receive the right care at the right time and in the right venue. That means having efficient processes and adequate resources in place to support the care in hospital, skilled nursing, home health and hospice settings.

Dr. Bomdica led the redesign of the care we provide in skilled nursing and hospice settings, resulting in a higher level of physician and pharmacist support. She oversaw the effort to establish a hospitalist onsite in emergency departments to expedite patient care. And she directed a number of initiatives for KP Fremont and KP San Leandro as they underwent significant growth.