Erin Kong, MD

Anesthesiology, Sacramento

“Dr. Kong’s success is well recognized by the department and medical center alike. Within a short time, she has created a very collaborative group of providers committed to excellent patient care and the mission of TPMG.”
— Robert Azevedo, MD, physician-in-chief, North Valley

Erin Kong, MD, grew up in a small town in Connecticut, where her parents opened a restaurant after emigrating from Malaysia and Hong Kong. They were the only Asian family in town, so her parents emphasized the importance of participating in the community.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find Dr. Kong an active participant in the TPMG community, where she has been chief of Anesthesiology at KP Sacramento since 2012. As chief, Dr. Kong has transformed the department, largely by practicing and advocating for clear and open communication, increasing departmental and individual accountability, and fostering collegiality among physicians and certified registered nurse anesthetists.

“What I like best about being an anesthesiologist are the relationships I have with patients and their families. As a leader, it’s the innovative, professional and resilient staff I work with every day that give me joy,” she says.