Eric Cornwell, MD

Ob-Gyn, Central Valley Area

“My goal is to create a welcoming work environment where we all can thrive and do our best work.”

As a pioneer in the KP Central Valley Area, Dr. Cornwell became chief of surgery in 1988. Under his skilled leadership, the department grew from 2 to 19 surgeons and significantly expanded access to surgical subspecialties.

In 2009, Dr. Cornwell accepted the added responsibility of leading the department of Ob/Gyn. With remarkable speed, he has taken the department to stellar scores in access, quality, service and efficiency.

But perhaps it is his leadership in diversity that has the greatest impact. He was among the first to facilitate open conversations about race, age, gender and sexual orientation and their impact on the work environment. His efforts are credited with creating a more diverse workforce and an environment in which differences in background and culture are valued for the unique contribution they can make to patient care.

He received the regional Human Resources and Diversity Champion award from the KP National Diversity Council, and was twice honored with the Butler Service Award, the CVA’s highest individual award for service.