Scott Sullivan, MD

Internal Medicine, Greater Southern Alameda Area

“Dr. Lonjers has a knack for taking conceptually difficult concepts and making them comprehensible.”

Everyone knows they can count on Scott Sullivan, MD, for extraordinary care and concern.

Dr. Sullivan personifies what it means to be a compassionate and supportive leader, believing that “spending time on the human connections makes everything else possible.”

His office door is always open and if colleagues don’t stop by to see him, he’ll go to them. He communicates as effectively as he listens, taking time to share goals and aspirations in a way everyone understands.

He focuses on solutions rather than problems, and encourages his colleagues to try new ideas without fear of failure.

His supportive leadership style pays handsome dividends in terms of performance. His department has among the highest scores in the region on the Physician Opinion Survey; is a regional leader in meeting outpatient quality goals; and sees continuous improvement in its Member Satisfaction Survey scores — evidence of what can happen in a department where collaboration and compassion flourish.