Karl Chan, MD

Internal Medicine, South San Francisco

“Dr. Chan succeeds as a leader by organizing, delegating, cajoling and holding everyone accountable.”

Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco/Daly City members who want to thank someone for extending their lives need look no further than Karl Chan, MD.

Under Dr. Chan’s stewardship, the Internal Medicine department leads the region in quality metrics, particularly in cardiovascular health.

He continues to improve access and personalized care for all adult members by experimenting with appointment schedules, panel management, and procedure room efficiency. Rising member satisfaction scores reflect the success of his efforts.

He always seeks ways to support his colleagues in difficult times and coach them to excel. He encourages professional growth by providing opportunities for general internists to learn skills such as flexible sigmoidoscopy and stress testing.

In addition to his administrative challenges, Dr. Chan cares for a large, complicated patient panel, yet he still finds the time to work as a hospitalist on weekends.

His success in achieving superior patient satisfaction, excellent access and inpatient coverage makes him an admirable leader.