Lorna Yamaguchi, MD

Anesthesiology, San Jose

“In no other organization can a physician find such a rich tapestry of experience.”

Lorna Yamaguchi, MD embodies clinical and interpersonal excellence.

But if it wasn’t for her high school chemistry teacher, who encouraged her to pursue her love of medicine, she might not have become a doctor. Her guidance counselor thought it was a poor career choice for a girl. Perhaps that explains why Dr. Yamaguchi is such a passionate mentor.

Dr. Yamaguchi’s capacity for leadership became evident soon after joining the Medical Group in 1982, and during her tenure, she has held a variety of leadership positions.

Currently, her range of responsibilities is truly impressive: in the human resources area, she focuses on recruitment and retention; in the area of career development and professional satisfaction, she supports education and leadership training; in risk management, the focus is on the protection of patients and physicians. Dr. Yamaguchi has played key roles in the implementation of patient safety programs, emergency training, and technologies to improve patient care.

Dr. Yamaguchi finds ways in which physicians can clinically flourish. She has the unique ability to spot talent and is noted for developing top-shelf programs for new physician orientation and mentoring.