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William Sheridan, MD

Neurosurgery, Redwood City

“When we started, we were a department of neurosurgeons. Now, we are a fully integrated center that epitomizes the Permanente approach to patient care.”

William Sheridan, MD was drawn to the Medical Group by the collegial practice style of the neurosurgeons and the complex medical issues they faced each day. With a vision to regionalize neurological services, he transformed a top-notch neurosurgery department into a premier neuroscience center in Northern California.

A native of the Bay Area, he joined TPMG in 1991 after finishing his neurosurgical residency at Stanford, where he remains an Adjunct Clinical Professor. A highly respected surgeon and leader, he was the Assistant Chief for several years before his appointment as Chief of neurosurgery in 2001.

Building on the strengths of his department, Dr. Sheridan marshaled efforts to create a fully rounded program with subspecialties such as neurooncology, functional neurosurgery, and epilepsy. His efforts to centralize paid off, and now the center brings every neurological patient in the area to a single location, where all aspects of care can be managed. Centralizing services was not only more cost effective than the prior structure, it has improved the quality of care for patients.

Dr. Sheridan’s approach exemplifies the Kaiser Permanente philosophy for patient care. As a result of his visionary leadership, world-class physicians aspire to join the neuroscience center.

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