Mark Roberts, MD

Rheumatology, Napa/Solano Area

“There is nothing more touching than receiving a thank you from a patient for whom I feel that I have not done enough.”

Mark Roberts, MD appreciates the value of long-term relationships. This feeling speaks volumes about his dedication to his rheumatology patients, and it also informs him as a leader.

He joined TPMG in 1985 so he could practice medicine in an integrated system, and he established close relationships with colleagues across the medical center. He was the natural choice to become Assistant Chief of medicine and Chief of Quality for the department in 1993. He became Chief of medicine in 2002, responsible for both primary care and medical specialties.

Dr. Roberts has promoted a team approach to meeting goals. As a result, professional satisfaction and department performance have improved under his leadership.

He is also recognized as a stellar recruiter of top physicians for his department in Vallejo, and for his excellent work with regional recruitment services. A knack for cultivating lasting relationships has helped him attract the best and brightest from all over the country.

Dr. Roberts is well respected as a leader in Napa Solano, for his communication skills, relationship-building, and his administrative expertise. He has developed some of the most highly regarded departments in the KP system.