Dale Poppert, MD

Emergency Medicine, Diablo Service Area

“In emergency medicine, we see life up close and personal. My clinical experience has shaped me as a leader, and as a person.”

When Kaiser Permanente decided to open a new hospital in Antioch, the organization needed a leader who could develop the project, build broad support, and bring the vision into reality. The choice was easy – Dale Poppert, MD.

Today, the Antioch Medical Center is magnificent and serves as a template for future KP medical centers. Offering both in-patient and out-patient care, the medical center provides an array of specialties, including ophthalmology, general surgery, urology, and orthopedics. The hospital contains eleven operating rooms, each with state-of-the-art features. Antioch is the first hospital to open with KP HealthConnect fully operational from the first day.

In a career that spans twenty-four years, Dr. Poppert has served as Chief of emergency services at Walnut Creek, and as APIC for the Diablo Service Area – a role that required him to build a highly functioning team of ED physicians, HBS physicians, surgeons, and others who could provide Permanente Medicine to our members in what was then a non-KFH, community hospital.

Always looking to improve service, Dr. Poppert believes that leaders must stay close to the ground to understand the issues of patients and the medical staff – he still works the night shift in the emergency room.