Jane Galustian, MD

Ophthalmology, Central Valley Area

“Growing up, my life was all about adjusting to change. I believe those skills have helped me become a better leader.”

Jane Galustian, MD is no stranger to change. Born in the Middle East, English was not her first language. Growing up between two cultures and understanding how to be effective in a changing environment has helped her become a better leader.

Dr. Galustian became the Chief of Ophthalmology at Stockton one year after arriving at Kaiser Permanente in 1995. Since she joined the Medical Group, membership in the Central Valley Area has increased from 65,000 members to 250,000 –and the number of ophthalmologists has quadrupled.

During this time, Dr. Galustian spearheaded the effort to build the ophthalmology department by adding skilled subspecialists, allowing a full scope of eye services to be available, including laser refractive surgery, retinal, pediatric, glaucoma, and oculoplastic services.

As APIC for Access, Dr. Galustian led the Access Action Team, and created a forum to support the rapid operational changes that have improved access and service to Central Valley Area members.

The challenge is to continue to develop a culture that is passionate about delivering great service and access. With Dr. Galustian leading the way, the Central Valley Area is sure to enjoy even greater success.