Mark DuLong, MD

Plastic Surgery, Santa Clara

“No leader is successful on his own. My greatest accomplishment has been developing a cohesive team that works so well together.”

Believing no leader is successful without a team, Mark DuLong, MD uses his considerable gifts as a communicator to mobilize physicians and staff for change. As a result, Dr. DuLong was able to create a premier department of plastic surgery, and to increase patient access to specialty services at Santa Clara.

Dr. DuLong practiced plastic surgery in TPMG for ten years before becoming the Chief of the department, as well as Quality Chair. Since then, Dr. DuLong has raised the bar for patient care. With his team, he dramatically increased the size of the department, which is now the largest in the region.

In his role as APIC for Specialty Care Access, he analyzed data for departments across the medical center and created tools to increase patient access. Santa Clara now has one of the highest success rates for 14-day access, and the medical center strives for even better performance.

In addition to his medical credentials, Dr. DuLong holds degrees in computer science, biology and mathematics. His gifts as a communicator and trainer, and his passion for learning and performance improvement, keep him at the forefront of his field.