Steven Bornstein, MD

Ob-Gyn, Regional Office

“I am completely energized by what we do and love the technology we develop.”

Since the 1970’s, Steve Bornstein, MD has recognized the power of computing to improve patient care. As a staff physician for the Indian Health Service, he developed a database to track patient immunizations. Following his residency at KP San Francisco, he joined TPMG, where his enthusiasm for medicine and computing flourished.

Noted as a technology futurist, Dr. Bornstein served as Division Chief and chaired the regional committee Chiefs for Information Systems from 1994-1995. As an operational leader, he became APIC for the South San Francisco medical center, and he later became the first Chair of the APICs for Technology.

Dr. Bornstein’s leadership continued with the development of the Clinical Information Presentation System and the Clinical Data Repository, for which he received the TPMG Exceptional Contribution Award in 2003.

In the same year, Dr. Bornstein and his team began work on the ambulatory portion of KP HealthConnect, which is now fully operational. The rollout was the largest and fastest in medical history. Today, there are 5,500 physicians using the system and 20,000 trained users.

Dr. Bornstein is currently developing new technologies for use in the oncology and radiology practice areas.