Donald Kimzey, MD

Internal Medicine, Central Valley Area

“Dr. Kimzey is instrumental in establishing TPMG’s presence in Modesto.”

Like skilled architects, talented leaders excel at building solid foundations able to support continual growth and success. If anyone deserves the title of “architect” of Modesto, it’s Donald Kimzey, MD.

When Dr. Kimzey arrived in 2000 as a newly appointed Assistant Physician-in-Chief, all of Kaiser Permanente’s 50,000 Modesto members were being cared for by contract physicians in contract facilities.

To provide much-needed leadership for this provider network, Dr. Kimzey quickly moved to negotiate major contract changes that required network physicians caring for KP members to meet the same expectations as TPMG physicians.

Once the provider network was more closely aligned with TPMG standards, Dr. Kimzey began the daunting challenge of building Kaiser Permanente’s presence in Modesto. He was instrumental in establishing a hospital-based specialist program, redirecting consults to TPMG physicians, and developing the business case for Kaiser Permanente’s first medical office building in the area.

Today, there are several Kaiser Permanente medical facilities in Modesto, a new hospital slated to open in 2008, and more than 100 TPMG physicians, many hired with Dr. Kimzey’s assistance. He continues to play an indispensable role in setting Modesto’s course for the future.