James Hine, MD

Ophthalmology, North Valley

“Dr. Hine creates an environment that fosters innovation and excellence.”

James Hine, MD, is living proof that a successful leader must be flexible, innovative, and ready for anything.

Dr. Hine has been all that and more, while guiding the remarkable growth of his department from 6 to 25 physicians, and expanding the reach of the department from 1 to 5 facilities throughout the North Valley.

He was uniquely suited to the challenge of leading and uniting this large, geographically diverse group and keeping it focused on providing patient-friendly service and quality care. He did it by modeling some of the key elements of effective leadership: generating trust, communicating clearly, and creating an environment that fosters innovation.

Dr. Hine also was the first TPMG Chief in the North Valley to hire subspecialists in Ophthalmology. Today, his department is home to the most extensive group of eye subspecialists in TPMG.

After 22 years of building and leading what is now the largest and most comprehensive Ophthalmology Department in the Kaiser Permanente system, Dr. Hine retired as chief in January 2007. He leaves a legacy that positions the department for future growth and success.