Cal Gordon, MD

Pediatrics, San Jose

“Dr. Gordon champions many initiatives of enduring value.”

When Cal Gordon, MD, zeroes in on a problem, it’s as good as solved. During his tenure as Assistant Physician-in-Chief at San Jose, he has taken the lead on numerous projects, which have had widespread impact on access and service.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Gordon led the way in defining a vision and strategy for a Call Center to provide members with easier access to their primary care physicians. He then spearheaded the development of Northern California’s three Regional Appointment and Advice Call Centers, which have been key drivers of the continued rise in member satisfaction.

Autism is another issue Dr. Gordon took on with great results. Alarmed by the growing incidence of autism, he sponsored the Autism Spectrum Disorder Center at San Jose. Today, the Center’s groundbreaking work in diagnosis and treatment is nationally recognized and has served as the model for a similar center in Rancho Cordova; a center in San Francisco is scheduled to open in 2008.

He took the lead yet again in sponsoring a tertiary Sleep Medicine Center to serve patients with especially complicated sleep problems, who had previously been referred outside the Kaiser Permanente system.

Dr. Gordon represents the very best in Permanente leadership as an exemplary clinician and administrator.