Annette Finkel, MD

Pediatrics, South San Francisco

“Dr. Finkel is always mindful of what is best for the patient.”

Annette Finkel, MD, has left an indelible mark on quality of care, the practice of collaboration, and communication at South San Francisco.

During Dr. Finkel’s tenure as Chief of Pediatrics, the medical center became a regional leader in childhood immunization rates and a site for vaccine research. As Assistant Physician-in-Chief, she spearheaded the first initiatives to link each member with a primary care physician and also worked to improve access in departments throughout the medical center.

As the APIC for Physician Human Resources, she organized orientation programs for new physicians, with a special emphasis on the opportunities for career development within the organization. Her support of Chiefs of Service encouraged collaboration and collegiality among departments.

While serving as the APIC for Risk, Dr. Finkel led various efforts to satisfy regulations requiring adverse outcomes be openly disclosed to patients and families. She helped educate physicians on how to conduct these delicate conversations and also formed a situation management team, which was available around-the-clock to work with physicians, patients, and families to set things right again.

Dr. Finkel also helped South San Francisco develop a system for medication reconciliation, making the medical center a regional leader in this major initiative to improve patient safety. She continues her pediatric practice and, as Senior Consultant, offers guidance and encouragement to those assuming leadership roles.