Lawrence Dennen, MD

Surgery, Greater Southern Alameda Area

“Dr. Dennen embodies and models key elements of effective leadership.”

Lawrence Dennen, MD, is highly regarded as one of the founding physicians of the contemporary Hayward and Fremont Medical Centers.

A year after joining TPMG at Hayward in 1992, Dr. Dennen transferred to Fremont as Chief of Surgery, where he quickly implemented metrics for access and operating room scheduling. His decisive steps to enhance care and service yielded a significant improvement in departmental morale and overall performance.

But his leadership and contributions extend beyond the surgical suite. In 2001, he was named an Assistant Physician-in-Chief for the Greater Southern Alameda Area where he co-led the effort to certify and open the Fremont Hospital and Fremont’s Ambulatory Surgery Unit. He was selected as Associate Physician-in-Chief in 2005 and is currently physician co-lead for both the Hayward Hospital Replacement and Fremont Expansion projects.

His desire to improve care in all areas sparked his interest in serving on numerous committees in the past, including the Critical Care Committee, the Adult Primary Care Implementation Team, the Mammogram Outreach Project, and the Breast Cancer Task Force.

Dr. Dennen has had a profound impact on the scope and quality of services in the GSAA. And, while maintaining an active bariatric surgery practice, he continues to provide regional leadership as the Chair of the Chiefs of Surgery.