Doug Chartier, MD

Internal Medicine, East Bay Area

“Dr. Chartier takes an active role to help physicians thrive in their careers.”

Good leaders can save the day; outstanding leaders like Doug Chartier, MD, can save an entire department.

Dr. Chartier became Oakland’s Chief of Medicine at a time when there was a serious need to recruit a significant number of primary care physicians. Fortunately, Dr. Chartier had the leadership and people skills to bring excellent physicians on board and to keep the newly formed department humming.

Today, he heads a department of more than 200 physicians, and he seems to find personal time for each one. He makes it a point to welcome new physicians into The Permanente Medical Group family and to mentor them throughout their careers. He keeps close tabs on his colleagues’ aspirations and helps them reach their goals, whether in the area of clinical work, teaching, or administration.

Dr. Chartier has created a department where compassion and collaboration flourish. He is especially supportive of physicians with young children or family issues, going out of his way to help them get through difficult personal times or a tough workday.

Under his leadership, physician retention is incredibly stable. Meanwhile, Dr. Chartier continues to roam the halls to make sure his physicians are thriving.