Mel Burman, MD

Pediatrics, East Bay Area

“Dr. Burman leads by modeling rather than directing behavior.”

The stellar performance of Richmond’s Pediatrics Department rests firmly on the shoulders of one man: Mel Burman, MD, Chief of Pediatrics.

A visible and vital presence throughout the medical center, Dr. Burman demonstrates through his own outstanding clinical performance the kind of care and service he expects from others. He is an exceptional role model, treating each patient with such a winning combination of humor, warmth, and clinical expertise that his average MPS rating for the last five years is the highest in the medical center.

His willingness to mentor, listen, and encourage his colleagues attracts the very best physicians to his team and inspires them to be top performers in regional ratings of quality, efficiency, and professional satisfaction.

Dr. Burman defines what it means to be a great chief: he is generous, inclusive, and empowers others to take leadership roles both inside the department and out. Recognizing his physicians’ individual strengths, he guides them with encouragement, support, and wise delegation. This serves to strengthen the department today, and to help develop those who will lead it tomorrow.

Dr. Burman has created a culture in his department that will endure through future generations of physicians.