Drew Baker, MD

Emergency Medicine, Greater Southern Alameda Area

“Dr. Baker has made a lasting contribution to emergency medicine in the GSAA.”

Emergency services in the Greater Southern Alameda Area have seen remarkable growth in size, scope, and quality under the skilled and dedicated leadership of Drew Baker, MD.

During his two decades as Chief of Emergency Services, Dr. Baker has been instrumental in making services much more accessible to members in the GSAA, in large part by expanding the department from 16 to 36 physicians.

The challenge of recruiting so many new physicians cannot be overstated, and without exception, Dr. Baker is ideally suited to the task. This “recruiter extraordinaire” attracts some of the country’s most talented emergency physicians, largely on the basis of his enthusiasm for the organization and his ability to communicate the advantages of working within Kaiser Permanente’s integrated health care system.

Dr. Baker’s insight and remarkable sense of humor are major reasons why the best and brightest are drawn to his department. He is extremely supportive of staff and patients in what is often an emotionally charged environment, and he provides ample opportunities for physicians to take on administrative roles in addition to their clinical duties.

Dr. Baker’s supportive leadership has helped make TPMG the employer of choice for physicians and Kaiser Permanente the health plan of choice for thousands of people in the GSAA service area.