Jerome Minkoff, MD

Endocrinology, Santa Rosa

Jerome Minkoff, MD, is acknowledged for clinical research and as a champion for research efforts throughout KP. He was awarded numerous Kaiser Foundation Hospital research grants, and has conducted many clinical trials.

His research projects are often sparked by a clinical encounter. Once, while he was feeling a patient’s thyroid gland, her pained reaction led him to uncover her childhood sexual abuse. This raised questions for him which led to several important studies on the long-term health consequences of childhood abuse and trauma.

He has long been involved in osteoporosis research and clinical guidelines development for both osteoporosis and diabetes. He participated in Phase 3 clinical trials that led to the approval of zoledronic acid, the first intravenous treatment for osteoporosis.

Dr. Minkoff is a strong proponent of collaboration between the Division of Research and clinicians. He has been instrumental in connecting clinicians with researchers to help design studies and secure funding.