Jeffrey Fessel, MD

Internal Medicine, San Francisco

Jeffrey Fessel, MD, is recognized for his 50-year career as a clinician-researcher, 43 of those years with TPMG.

During his initial years with TPMG, his primary research interest was in rheumatic diseases; but soon after the AIDS epidemic surfaced in San Francisco, he switched his focus to HIV/AIDS.

Since the late 1980s, he has combined his experience as a clinician with his talent as a researcher to ask and answer significant questions about HIV treatment and its complications.

He has led collaborative efforts with other HIV specialists in TPMG, Stanford, and academic institutions in both the US and Europe, to explore various issues in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, particularly those related to drug resistance.

Through the years, his participation in research has helped maintain the quality of HIV care in KPNC at the highest level, and his involvement in HIV clinical trials has provided several hundreds of our patients with early access to life-saving medications.