David Baer, MD

Oncology, East Bay Area

David Baer, MD, is helping make cancer care more effective, efficient, and error-free.

While maintaining a vibrant and active East Bay hematology/oncology practice, Dr. Baer also devised an innovative and widely adopted electronic system (CAMMOLOT) to help manage chemotherapy for KP Oakland cancer patients. His program has transformed a once time-consuming, laborious process into an automated system that reduces errors while increasing efficiency.

Dr. Baer is also making a difference through his association with the award-winning Kaiser Permanente Oncology Clinical Trials (KPOCT) program.

Since the program’s inception over 15 years ago, KPOCT has administered 264 clinical trials, involving more than 3700 patients, and recently received the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Clinical Trials Award in recognition of its dedication to the advancement of cancer treatment.